Hello, and welcome to our very first blog post!

We started this website with the hopes that we could provide people across the world with new and unique fashion accessories and designer clothes. The brand launched in 2011 by Hristina Tomova and Zina Chaneva, and we made it for the people who don’t want to follow fashion trends without having any individual style.

So what is going to be posted on to our blog? The truth is, we post about anything! On our blog you will find everything from our latest deals and discounts, news about our clothes, new announcements and so much more so keep checking back to make sure that you aren’t missing out on anything. We’re always adding new posts and we always like to have something new for our readers to look at when they visit our site. It doesn’t matter whether you are into hip-hop and you want something to break the barriers to your style or whether you’re after an urban fashion accessory that will compliment your existing style, why not see what we’ve been up to by checking back on our blog.

We’re sure that you won’t be dissapointed!

- Did you know

That the term Fetish is often referred to as an object that has supernatural powers or values? That’s right, so you know you’re going to get out of this world clothing and accessories when you purchase from our site. Why not bookmark this page so you can always come and visit us, we love it when people comment on our new clothing items and we really can’t wait to hear your opinions! Alternatively keep reading our posts to see the latest hints, tips and fashion guides, we also post deals and discounts here as well so you can always save money when you purchase from us.